An experience the size of Europe.

segunda-feira, 13 de novembro de 2017 · Temas:

We decided to follow the photographs of the teachers' meeting held in Bucharest under the Erasmus Project "Your rights are my rights, fighting discrimination and promoting equality" with the daily reports (corrected in some details and spelling mistakes) published in the “Classroom”. Through this platform, we continuously interacted with the students and other teachers from this class. The video will follow in a few days.

Your rights

If there is something exciting and promising to take from all these moments of the Erasmus international meeting of teachers is to realise that, without exception, everyone knew how to laugh! The wise ones say that the laughter of a baby is the first proof of his intelligence. We believe it.

That’s why, despite cultural differences, laughter, among other "values" and feelings, are universal and deeply socializing. Therefore, the need for laughter; therefore, the union of the whole team in such a short time. One of these days, we'll be together again!

Nota: tradução realizada pelas Professoras Célia Vaz e Paula Correia, de um texto publicado no passado dia 11 de novembro 2017, a propósito do encontro inicial de professores do Projeto Erasmus +, onde o A.E. Lixa está integrado.

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